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Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Stress, anxiety and depression can have a profound effect on our wellbeing as well as our relationships. We can sometimes feel traumatised by the events in our lives that sometimes make us feel that life is bleak and hopeless, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Together we can discover the source of your depression and overcome the obstacles you feel are weighing you down. I am a qualified practitioner for Rewind Trauma therapy.

As a person who has also suffered stress, anxiety and depression I have much sympathy. There may be a specific reason for how you are feeling such as difficulties at work, bringing up a family or other significant traumatic events. However, the first step is to talk to someone. It’s important to reach out to others and let them know how you are feeling. As Maya Angelou once said, there’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”. Please don’t suffer, reach out. It may feel a hopeless situation, but I can promise you that there’s always another way. If you feel you need urgent help please go to the resources section for immediate support. However, if you’d like an informal discussion to discuss the possibility of starting therapy then please phone or send me a text/email.

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